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This is the 2nd Quest in the campaign.

Location: The High Road

Previous Quest: Survive

Next Quest: After Them!


  • Find Belamy
  • Survive the ambush
  • Return to the caravan
  • Defend The Caravan


  • Need Journal


  • Need Map


  • Jarhild: Ah, ye're finally awake! Ye were scarin' the horses!
  • Jarhild: Ye were thrashing around in yer sleep. the trail boss thought ye were possessed.
    • 1: Sorry about that. It was a rough night.
      • Jarhild: Tell me about it. I had a nightmare that the world was ending. But I didn't screech and flail like me face was on fire.
      • Jarhild: Belamy says he had the same dream I did, but that damned Halfling was probably just pokin' fun like he always does. He's a good lad, but ye know as well as I if there's a weakness in yer armor, he'll do all he can t'poke it.
    • 2: I had a strange dream. the world was coming to an end.
      • Jarhild: You, too? Belamy said he had the same dream i did, but I figured that damn Halfling was just messin' with me like he always does.
    • 1: You have something against us Halflings? (Halfling players only.)
      • Jarhild: Ach! No! Don't put that evil on me! It's just Belamy. He's just a bit... petty. Ye know.
    • 2: He's not so bad.
      • Jarhild: Aye, he's not. He just rubs me up th'wrong way. Jokes around all light-hearted, but the minute ye shoot back, he gets all cranky and ready t'fight.
    • 3: Why did we have to bring Belamy along, again?
      •  ?
    • 4: I never really got along with that hothead.
      •  ?
  • Jarhild: But he's a damn good soldier, and I'm glad to have him there. That nightmare I had makes me think we might be needin' his blades in the comin' days.
    • 1: It sounds like we all had terrible nightmares.
      • Aye, something to mention to Pelan when we get to the guildhouse in Luskan. Maybe he'll give us a foul-tastin' purple concoction that bubbles loudly and doesn't do much else.
    • 2: I'm sure that dream didn't mean anything.
      • Jarhild: Aye. Never put much stock in dreams and nightmares. Even if they do feel as real as the ground we're walkin' on.
    • 3: What did you dream about? (Choice repeated. This choice after use.)
      • Jarhild: I saw a hooded figure, wreathed in flame, and a horrible demon reaching through the ground from below to tear the surface apart. It felt like the end, no mistake. And there was a voice callin' me, sayin' it was me destiny to be there.
  • Jarhild: Nightmares aside, we got work to do. Got to find that fool Halfling and get this caravan packed up and ready to move to Luskan.
    • 1: What do we have left to do?
      • The merchants are breakin' camp as we speak. Most wagons are tied up and ready to go. We got a few stragglers that might need a hand gettin' ready.
    • 2: I'll just sleep a few minutes longer. (Choice repeated. This choice after use.)
      • Jarhild: No ye won't! We don't get this lot to Luskan by nightfall, we don't get paid! And I'm not going to be docked a wage so ye can get yer beauty sleep!
  • Jarhild: Belamy went up ahead to scout the road. Haven't heard from him in a little while. He was cranky with a headache when he left, so I'm guessin' he picked a fight with one of the trail scouts up there.
    • 1: All right, I'll go find him.
      • Good. He should be up the road a ways. Listen for the sound of that fool shoutin' curses at the sky.
    • 2: Belamy would pick a fight with a wall if he thought it was in his way.
      • Jarhild: Aye. So ye know my concern, then. Maybe go up ahead along the road, see if ye can find him?
      • Jarhild: We ain't got all day, and if he manages to hurt someone, it ain't comin' out of my share.

- End Conversation -

There is a chest located to the right which contains the Burning Dawn items, if players have them available. It contains:

  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Burning Dawn Helm
  • Burning Dawn Splint Cuirass
  • Burning Dawn Plate Gauntlets
  • Burning Dawn Plate Boots
  • Cloak of the Burning Dawn
  • Burning Dawn Shield
  • Burning Dawn Shortsword

-- More Details Needed --