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Background (edit | view)

As a moon elf, you are generally more common and more friendly than your sun elf cousins, and are normally encountered among humans and other races.[1]

Bonuses (edit | view)
Ability Score
+2 Dexterity, +1 Intelligence
Longsword, Shortsword, Shortbow, Longbow


[3] Moon elves are the most commonly seen sort of elves in Faerûn. For centuries the policy of moon elf settlements was one of engagement (at least, relative to other types of elves) with others instead of the typical xenophobic isolationism. Today, far fewer of them have left during the Retreat. Many moon elves are also wanderers and explorers at heart, and thus they journey far among other races.

Moon elves are also called silver elves (or Teu-tel-quessir in Elven), and are much paler than sun elves and wood elves, with faces of bleached white tinged with blue. Although all hair colors normally found in humans and elves can be found in this race, they are rare by comparison to the typical moon-elf hair colors of silver-white, black, or blue. Their eyes are blue or green, and have gold flecks.
Moon elves are more impulsive than the other elves, and dislike remaining in one place for any significant amount of time. Most moon elves are happiest when traveling, especially across the expanses of untrodden wilderness that still survive in Faerûn. This is probably the single greatest reason why they are so much more friendly and accommodating to other races than many other elves: They do not isolate themselves from the human lands behind impervious defenses. Moon elves have watched humankind for much longer than their sun or wood elf kin, and they know that non-elves aren’t as foolish and unimportant as most other elves think. They feel that engaging promising human realms such as Silverymoon and instilling elven values and culture in these young lands is a better way for the elven race to survive and thrive than hiding away and avoiding all contact with ambitious, grasping humans.
Nature and Magic
Like all surface elves, moon elves possess an innate connection to both nature and magic that helps to make them excellent wizards and amazing woodsmen. However, moon elves are neither as woodsy as wood elves, nor as magically inclined as sun elves.
Of all the elves, moon elves are the most impulsive, with a strong distaste for complacency or isolation. Moon elves long to be on the road, traveling and exploring the untamed wilderness that lies between cities and nations. This extroverted quality is part of the reason why moon elves get along uncommonly well with other races and have come to the conclusion that the N-Tel-Quess, that is to say, the non-elves, are not necessarily as foolhardy or unworthy as their brethren might think



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